Your Summer Bloom

July 2, 2013

Pushing down” an unpleasant feeling, fear or limiting belief is like covering a weed seedling with dirt and expecting it to go away. We fertilize the growth of what we least desire by doing so“.

LushGreenHere we are in the beautiful summer of 2013. Take a look inside and outside of you. What do you see, sense and feel? What seeds have grown into full bloom and are shining in the summer light in your garden of life?

If you are like most people, you probably have some wonderful aspects of life emerging from intentional efforts for change and growth. These seedlings of desire were set in place, tended and nurtured into full bloom. Marvelous! It is wonderful to experience outcomes from deliberate efforts.

And, if you are like most people, you probably have experiences and outcomes in your life you wish would just go away. Perhaps you are wondering why they showed up in your life. Unfortunately, the undesirable circumstances are those which we tend to feed and tend with great effort – whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

As unpleasant feelings or beliefs present themselves to us, it is commonplace for many to just “push them back down” inside of us. We do this because we either don’t want to feel or deal with them. Maybe we just don’t know how to resolve them. Nonetheless, all our attempts to “push down” and to ignore what is presenting itself for healing does not make it go away – at all!

Actually, it takes a great deal of mental and emotional energy to keep all of these fears, feelings, worries and limiting beliefs at bay. The energy we utilize in our attempt to put them off actually feeds and fertilizes what we least desire into fruition. Oops!

Imagine a beautiful flower garden you would like to create. One must carefully plan and select what plants are desired. The earth must be tilled. The seeds must be planted. Weeds must be removed so as not to choke out the growth of the desired blooms. Water must be given. Sunlight is required for growth.

As nature starts having its way with your garden, you will probably notice some weeds, vines maybe even seedlings of trees begin to emerge right alongside the flowers you planted. If you choose to ignore the weeds, they will continue to grow and take over the garden. If you choose to “push them back down” into the earth by covering them with more dirt, you are actually fertilizing them. If you have a great deal of emotion around their presence, you are actually watering them. This is a great metaphor for how we create the very circumstances and events in our life in a continuing pattern. It is the natural cycle and rhythm of nature.

Awareness is key. When we become aware of the presence of a “weed” inside of us, it is time to get to work on its removal. This is very empowering, for as we get our hands a little dirty and become a bit uncomfortable pulling out those weeds, the beautiful garden of life – the great desires of our heart – have room to grow into reality.

The love we hold for our dreams is the sunlight for their creation.

If you desire assistance in removing the “weeds” of anger, fear, sadness or guilt – or limiting beliefs – check out The Time Empowerment here on my web-site.

May you be filled with the wonder of beauty and love this day and always.

Be Love!

Jane Elizabeth

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