Plugged In: Spiritual Connection with God

Plugged In:
Spiritual Connection with God

There is no greater joy and peace than the experience of a deep, ongoing connection with God. Knowing that we are never separated, Jane offers insights for creating and maintaining this sacred moment-by-moment relationship that knows no earthly constraints or limitations. Our connection is eternal, though earthly events, circumstances and erroneous beliefs can create the illusion that we are separate – alone. Those who revel in this communion often say they are “in the flow,” experiencing miraculous insights, peace, guidance and comfort.

Using the Divine gifts of prayer, meditation and introspection, Jane enables participants to make a (re)connection, including:

  • Utilizing the power of affirmative prayer, rather than petitions, knowing that what “you ask for believing” is already done.
  • Learning to recognize the signs, wonders and Divine messages that guide our way, affirm our path and encourage our growth.
  • Seeing God in every situation, event and circumstance – finding the gift for our souls.
  • Accepting the peace, joy, unconditional love and abundance that is offered to us.