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Jane’s Powerful Message

Delivering a life-changing message, “If I can do it, so can you,” Jane Elizabeth Smith is living her life’s dreams. Having overcome devastating obstacles, Jane has stood firm in her faith, always seeking her Highest Good – and that of others. Her programs and workshops are powerful, emotional and highly motivating.

The eighth of nine children raised on a farm, Jane knew at an early age that she did not have to settle for the life that others defined for her. She believed in the power of Divine magic that brought about miracles. Journeying through her own financial and personal challenges, traumatic obstacles and setbacks, Jane discovered a sacred promise given to each of us.

Making this Divine promise the foundation of her life, she partnered with God, recognizing that the power of the Universe was offered to assist her in creating the life of her dreams. She held visions of this magnificent life as it manifested, including a deep connection with God, a nationally recognized financial services business, her dream home, loving relationships, world travel and more. Most of all, she lived in perpetual gratitude for the ever-flowing blessings.

Jane now shares her life-affirming message through her recently released books and presentations to groups of all ages and situations. A dynamic speaker, Jane brings energy, insights, experiences and truth to her audiences. Speaking from the heart and her own life experiences, she connects at a heart level and propels others to recognize their potential, strive for the possibilities and invite the Divine power that drives the Universe to vision, create and LIVE the lives of their dreams! You will be moved!

Keynote speaker

Jane Elizabeth is available for speaking engagements. She is dedicated to her mission to help activate love and will travel anywhere in the world to share her message. Please contact her direct for inquiries:

Phone: 502-326-0325
Toll-Free: 1-877-597-1547
FAX: 502-326-0044

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