What people are saying about Jane:

Jane Elizabeth’s voice is an Angelic vision of the planet’s peace that can be brought here in the earth through the awakening to your own Truth. These meditation CDs will open the doorways to your heart to light the flame of inner peace and awaken to love on a whole new level. Her voice and message will uplift, embrace and inspire your soul with love and a gentle knowing of the gift that you are here in this world and to give your Spirit wings to soar. As you purchase these CDs, you will truly receive the gifts of blessings in a variety of ways.

Blessings to each and every one of you.
~ Kathy Mae Miller

The very first time I heard Jane speak, she shared a true story from her life — a divine testimony. It was so authentic, profound and genuine, that tears rolled down from my eyes. Her share affected me deeply.
~ Forest Boone

Praise for Change of Heart

The most important step on the spiritual journey is learning how to move into the heart. Jane not only shares her journey with us, she beautifully and profoundly guides us along the path into our own hearts as well. A Change of Heart comes from the heart.
~ Marilyn Gaddie

I was immediately hooked by the introduction, (Change of Heart) and it continued drawing me in and speaking directly to my soul. Everyone needs to read this prize of abundant wisdom and incorporate the words into their hearts and minds.
~ Sharron Akin

How is it that so much wisdom can be contained in one little book? (Change of Heart) There is such a light in my heart, filled with hope at the truth and inspiration that love awaits me.
~ Pat Vincent

One of the first lines that caught my attention in Change of Heart was “When we move from fear and getting to love and giving, we receive all we wish for.” It completely resonated with me and made me acutely aware of all the mistakes I’d made in my last relationship, providing impetus for change.
~ Corinne L. Casazza, Author, Walk Like an Egyptian

Praise for Call Forth a Blessing

During a collective meditation, I was effectively transported to a place of unparalleled beauty – no alcohol, no drugs – simply meditative spiritual ecstasy. I pray from her divinely inspired book, Call Forth a Blessing most every day. I am able to quickly find the exact prayer for what I am facing on any given day. I can’t wait to get into Change of Heart: The Mystical Power of Love and the 40 days to love meditations found within its pages so I can get closer to the spiritual plane in which she is already clearly dwelling with angels! Do yourself a favor and check out Jane’s work.
~ Forest Boone

I have worn this book threadbare. (Call Forth a Blessing) It goes with me everywhere. A full blown miracle occurred with the Prayer for Children. After three miscarriages, my daughter started showing symptoms of the loss of number four. Your prayer saved that life. As my daughter said, ‘I felt a gentle wind blow through me as I turned the handle to the doctor’s office door.’ That was me praying that prayer for her. We are grateful to you, and to God.
~ Carole Graham

Jane has written a treasure chest full of spiritual prayers that will enlighten, uplift and open your heart to a greater self-awareness of who God is through you. Each prayer is lined with a key to the truth of God’s energy and a knowledge that you never walk alone.
~ Kathy Mae Miller

Any time I need to pray, I can pick up this powerful book and be led to the perfect prayer. Through each energetic passage, Jane gives readers the words for meaningful prayer. The faith, joy and love Jane personifies are embodied in this special book.
~ Sarah Kohnhorst

Praise for For Your Sacred Chamber, a meditation.

Just listened to Jane Smith’s meditation CD for the first time and was swept away by the tranquility I experienced during the thirty minute exercise. Jane’s voice is relaxing and assuring. Her use of imagery involving a forest and sunlight is vivid and riveting. I look forward to repeating this meditation.
~ Bruce Kempf

I want to pass along my thanks for your CD, Your Sacred Chamber. I found it very relaxing and it helped me enjoy meditation for the first time. I’d never tried it before, and thanks to Your Sacred Chamber,’ learned it’s something I will do often. Thanks so much.
~ Caroline Piliere

Praise for Meditation Class

Jane’s gift and ability to indirectly teach and guide meditations not only took me to visit the stars, but left me in a sense of deep contemplation – not only for me, buy my neighbors, my community and my world. I am truly grateful to share in the experience.
~ Ann L. Schultz

I have attended all of Jane’s meditation classes, and most recently a Hawaiian Huna class, and her teachings have changed my life! I was never able to meditate until I received her instruction. Her ability to teach and freely share her own experiences makes her instruction both interesting and useful. Because Jane brings such a calming to the room, students are able to relax, participate and get results – all without feeling self-conscious or ‘weird.’
~ Margaret Des Ruisseaux

Praise for Hawaiian Huna Class

Jane’s gift and ability to indirectly teach and guide meditations not only took me to visit the stars, but left me in a sense of deep contemplation – not only for me, buy my neighbors, my community and my world. I am truly grateful to share in the experience.
~ Ann L. Schultz

I recently attended the Hawaiian Huna class offered by Jane. I was drawn to the history, symbolism, and power that the class was able to convey with teaching symbols, breathing and being open to love and spirit. The technique of centering with Spirit, having an intention and using ancient techniques sends the intention into the stream of energy with robust power. The positive results are then evident.

The class compliments the other spiritual practices I am drawn to and in particular, meditation. I have been involved in several of Jane’s classes and always leave with useful, practical learning to progress my journey with more love and peace.

My husband and I did the Hawaiian Huna class together and now have a bond in the magic of Huna.
~ Lynne Joseph Lynne

I recently attended the Hawaiian Huna class led by Jane Smith and thoroughly enjoyed it. The day went so fast and that is a sign of how much positive energy and happiness was present in the room. Jane did a great job of explaining the principles and practices of the ancient Hawaiians and gave examples of how these traditions are used in Hawaii today…we practiced four different energy healing techniques that day…All in all, I was very pleased with the course and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in energy healing.
~ Bradley K. Lynne

Praise for “40 Days To Love”

Before I even completed the 40 Days to Love meditation program, a publisher contacted me about a book manuscript I had submitted less than ten days before. This is an extremely swift turnaround. I had offered to send a proposal; instead, the publisher requested the entire manuscript! I have also experienced an upturn in other facets of my work life, with increased and improved income as well as pleasure in all that I do. I feel happier and more filled with love every day – Thanks to Jane and her wonderful book and meditation program. Thank you, Jane!
~ Leslie Moise

The book ( A Change of Heart ) contains “40 Days to Love,” a series of powerful meditations that focus you on the Divine Love within you. I received a miracle on day two of the meditations. It was a check! Completely unexpected.

Also on day two, the awareness of the travel opportunity of a lifetime entered my consciousness. It manifested completely on Day 20. I am SO excited to be traveling to Egypt! This opportunity came out of nowhere. The last twenty days of the program brought me continuous synchronicities in my personal life and new clients in my work. I am now doing another set of 40 days!

Do these meditations! They’ve made a vast difference in my life.”
~ Corinne L. Casazza, Author, Walk Like an Egyptian