Seasons of the Heart

Seasons of the Heart

February 10, 2013

“We must get aligned with love and stay aligned with love. Love is the reason we are alive. Love is the glue that holds the world together. Love is who we are and where we will return when we have completed our journey here on earth. Be Love.” ~ Jane Elizabeth Smith

Today’s new moon in Aquarius marks the first day of a new astrological calendar year, as well as the Chinese New Year. We are in the midst of change so rapid and far reaching it is challenging at times to keep up. I tell my friends, “I feel like I’m on a treadmill and someone has just cranked up the speed.”

In Chinese astrology, we are entering the year of the Water Snake. The snake in ancient traditions was the symbol of both the Divine Feminine, and the Kundalini life force energy rising up through the body. Think for a moment of the two intertwining snakes that make up the symbol for modern medicine. Keeping life force energy moving through the body is vital.

The Water Snake spends fifty percent of its time in the water and fifty percent of its time on land. And, water is a key symbol of the Divine Feminine as is the snake, we can see we are in the year of the Divine Feminine. In case you need to remember, each one of us was born of water – our Mother’s watery womb.

Let’s add another component – the year 2013. The number “13” has long been associated with the Divine Feminine and the underlying power of creation held within it.

What does this mean to us individually? Well, there’s no big mystery here. Have you ever heard or used the term “Mother Love?” Mother love is unconditional, can see no mistakes nor wrongs, looks at her child with rose colored glasses, is fierce and quick to protect, and will fight to the death for her beloved. Mother love is undying and perpetual. There is nothing we need do to earn it, and nothing we can do to make it go away. Mother love endures.

Mother Love is an aspect of the Divine Feminine energy – the fountainhead of Divine Love.

We, each one of us, are being asked to rise up…NOW. The love that will keep us alive and bring peace and resolution through the vast changes in our midst is inside of us. It is not “out there” somewhere. It isn’t a love you must give to someone or something else. It isn’t a love that can be acquired from someone else or a source outside of you. No. This love is within you and is calling you to pull out a mirror and gaze into your own reflection and love yourself from the Mother Love that you are. We must each do this until we are both Mother Love and the beloved.

If God is love, then Love is God.

The final commandment our Master teacher left us with:

“Love God with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul and all your strength. Love your neighbor as yourself.”

When we are that Divine Love shining and fully flowing from the depths of our heart, and when we truly love and appreciate ourselves, we begin to free our neighbors.

As the Beatles said… “…It’s easy. All you need is love.”

Let love reign within your heart and throughout your life.

Onward into lent we go. The Spring equinox is right around the bend. Heaven on earth is waiting, it’s time to move on.

Be Love.

Jane Elizabeth Smith

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