Say a Prayer For Humanity

Say a Prayer For Humanity

As we stand looking on at a world in seeming chaos, we can pause, take a breath, and choose to see it as a great crossroads. We are at a turning point . . .
. . . if we choose.
Personally, my heart and soul have had enough. It was the photo of the children in Syria who had died from apparent chemical weaponry that made me hit such a definite “line in the sand.”

Like many thousands of people around the world, I have been holding the high watch – seeing and believing love is our truth and is humanity’s ultimate destiny. I have been holding the vision of Heaven on Earth as a distinct reality – one each of us can choose.

Now what? What actions and prayers do I need to add at this critical hour? Perhaps it is in the littleness of our prayers that we make the great difference. Millions of little prayers held earnestly within millions of hearts simply praying:

Prayer for Humanity

Let love reign now in and through the earth.
Let love reign now inside of me.
Let love reign now throughout humanity.
Let love reign now throughout
the entire creative spiritual universe.
Let love reign,
For peace is her sister
And joy her child.
Let love reign – NOW!

Be the love you wish to see in the world.

August 27, 2013
Jane Elizabeth Smith

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