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Call Forth a Blessing:
The Miracle of Powerful Prayer

Prayer is the answer for all circumstances and situations, whether rejoicing in gratitude or seeking reassurance and solace. Prayer connects us with our Creator, our Source. Infinite blessings flow to us and through us when we call them forth.

May the words and intentions of these prayers speak your heart’s desires, soothe your soul and light your way. They are available to you at any moment, wherever you may be. Simply pick up the book and be led to the right and perfect prayer for your need. Connect with your Creator. Call forth a blessing.

This compact book of prayers can accompany you everywhere you go. It can be placed in your desk, your car or your pocketbook for ready reference. You can pray anytime, anywhere with these healing, peaceful words of love.

From a prayer on Happiness: “Happiness is an individual, personal choice. Happiness is an inside job. No matter what the outer circumstance, I stop and count my blessings and look for all the great and little things in my life for which I am happy. Regardless of the situation, I can either laugh about it or cry about it. I choose to laugh. I choose joy. All I need do is assess the matter from a different point of view. In the grand context of life, my real and true purpose is to encounter each moment with joy and gratitude. By doing so, I step into heaven. I view happiness and joy as infectious, and I am a carrier! …The human condition is an emotional one. Emotions are direct by-products of thoughts. I control my thoughts. Therefore, I control my emotions…I choose my Earth to be a Heaven. I choose to be happy right now. Amen”

Praise for Call Forth a Blessing

During a collective meditation, I was effectively transported to a place of unparalleled beauty – no alcohol, no drugs – simply meditative spiritual ecstasy. I pray from her divinely inspired book, Call Forth a Blessing most every day. I am able to quickly find the exact prayer for what I am facing on any given day. I can’t wait to get into Change of Heart: The Mystical Power of Love and the 40 days to love meditations found within its pages so I can get closer to the spiritual plane in which she is already clearly dwelling with angels! Do yourself a favor and check out Jane’s work.
~ Forest Boone

I have worn this book threadbare. (Call Forth a Blessing) It goes with me everywhere. A full blown miracle occurred with the Prayer for Children. After three miscarriages, my daughter started showing symptoms of the loss of number four. Your prayer saved that life. As my daughter said, ‘I felt a gentle wind blow through me as I turned the handle to the doctor’s office door.’ That was me praying that prayer for her. We are grateful to you, and to God.
~ Carole Graham

Jane has written a treasure chest full of spiritual prayers that will enlighten, uplift and open your heart to a greater self-awareness of who God is through you. Each prayer is lined with a key to the truth of God’s energy and a knowledge that you never walk alone.
~ Kathy Mae Miller

Any time I need to pray, I can pick up this powerful book and be led to the perfect prayer. Through each energetic passage, Jane gives readers the words for meaningful prayer. The faith, joy and love Jane personifies are embodied in this special book.
~ Sarah Kohnhorst

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