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A Change of Heart –
The Mystical Power of Love

How does one go about having everything in life–abundance that fills the body, soul and mind? This rich jewel explains that prosperity, in all forms, begins with connecting to the infinite creative force that lies in our own hearts. Discover how to broadcast your wants and needs to the world, how to change from the outer world of appearance to the inner world of creation and alignment–into that place anchoring your body and your life.

“On a cold January day, my own personal hell froze over. With great faith, I walked over the bridge created by that frozen mass into heaven. It was the only thing left to do. For several years I had been struggling with my own personal journey through the valley of the shadow of death. While the valley had reached its end, it was I who thought I had. Through this living hell, it seemed there was no end in sight—no way out. Standing at the crossroads of life and death, I chose to die of my old, false self and grasp a foothold onto the base of the mountain that rested before me. It was the only way out of the darkness. So I chose life, I chose to reach for the light and start the journey home. …My world was turned inside out. It seemed a great loss. What a juxtaposition…living from the inside out, claiming my Divine inheritance. By turning to the inside, the dwelling place of all of the love, all of the riches of the universe, I called forth every blessing. Whether you stand in the valley, on the journey up the mountain, or on the mountaintop, you can unlock the doors to your own kingdom. You’ve possessed the keys all along. One is fear, and the other is love. Choose which one to place on your key chain, for whichever you hold most firmly in your heart is what you are chained with. Won’t you place love on your key chain today and enjoy your own passionate personal Change of Heart.”

Praise for Change of Heart

The most important step on the spiritual journey is learning how to move into the heart. Jane not only shares her journey with us, she beautifully and profoundly guides us along the path into our own hearts as well. A Change of Heart comes from the heart.
~ Marilyn Gaddie

I was immediately hooked by the introduction, (Change of Heart) and it continued drawing me in and speaking directly to my soul. Everyone needs to read this prize of abundant wisdom and incorporate the words into their hearts and minds.
~ Sharron Akin

How is it that so much wisdom can be contained in one little book? (Change of Heart) There is such a light in my heart, filled with hope at the truth and inspiration that love awaits me.
~ Pat Vincent

One of the first lines that caught my attention in Change of Heart was “When we move from fear and getting to love and giving, we receive all we wish for.” It completely resonated with me and made me acutely aware of all the mistakes I’d made in my last relationship, providing impetus for change.
~ Corinne L. Casazza,
Author, Walk Like an Egyptian

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