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The Stars and Stripes were flown over the United States Capital on July 20, 2002 in honor of “America’s Cinderella Financial Planner,” Jane Smith. In this book, Jane shares how she has utilized the sacred promises of The Three Wishes to empower all aspects of her life.

Your Three Wishes


This is a magical book of the three wishes you were given at birth and the sacred promises of their fulfillment. It is an instruction manual for activating Divine Magic in your life – for visioning and manifesting a life of abundant joy, prosperity, unconditional love, optimal health and all that your heart desires.

Jane Elizabeth Smith describes for you in easy-to-understand stories, metaphors and step-by-step instructions how to harness the inner power of your mind and claim your Divine inheritance. The magic, joy, faith and love Jane personifies are embodied in this book.

If you wish to pick up your magic wand and claim your three wishes, the delivery of them is at hand.

Through each powerful passage, Jane gives readers the tools to have their wishes granted.

If you are ready for your dreams to come true, they are ready and waiting for you.

Your magic wand is in this book. Magic IS real. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Claim your Divine inheritance today.

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