Personal Empowerment Services: Breakthrough Sessions

Breakthrough Sessions

Breakthrough sessions are one-time one-on-one sessions designed to help identify blocks that prevent you from doing, having or changing what you want. A session focuses on one key area of your life – creating the perfect relationship, achieving and maintaining your ideal level of fitness, advancing in your career or accelerating your spiritual growth.

Using these powerful techniques, you can learn a richer sense of happiness, love and mental freedom. The secret to attaining such personal development is not hard to incorporate into your life. All you need is the desire to be better than you are today. You can remove hidden blocks, set higher goals than you ever thought possible and then manifest them.

You can get rid of the constraints of your past, get unstuck from your “story” and focus on creating an extraordinary future today! And you can learn how to offload the emotional baggage you may be carrying around from childhood, your teen years or other life experiences – anything associated with bad memories, negative emotions or limiting beliefs.

Key areas for individual breakthrough sessions include:

  • money and career
  • health and fitness
  • personal growth and development
  • family
  • relationships
  • spirituality
  • self love

In a Breakthrough session you will:

  • define your goals, while understanding why you may not have reached past goals
  • identify and eliminate those negative emotions, limiting decisions and beliefs from your past that are preventing your present success
  • resolve inner conflict that may be causing self-sabotaging behaviors and decisions
  • recognize what is truly important to you, then adjust those values and beliefs to align with your heart’s desires and your life goals

Breakthrough sessions typically last about five hours.

Follow-up tasks and assignments are included.

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While personal Breakthrough Sessions do not include ongoing support or guidance, you can opt for a Support Program package for ongoing, one-on-one support either in person and/or over the phone.

Jane is a certified master practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Empowerment and Hypnosis through the Association for Integrative Psychology.