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Jane Elizabeth Smith’s life mission is to empower others with the knowledge and tools to co-create the lives of their dreams through partnership with God, the Divine Love of the Universe.

It is your Divine inheritance to have all good things. This is a sacred promise, reiterated many times in sacred scriptures.

Perhaps you now seek a quantum change in your life – to access a deeper relationship with God, attain financial security, acquire work you love, revel in a loving relationship, or whatever your heart desires. Sadly, many feel held back by internal bondage of fear, anger, sadness or guilt. Limiting decisions or limiting beliefs held at a subconscious level may be roadblocks to your greater good.

Having overcome her own inner conflict driven by childhood events, physical trauma and self-imposed limiting beliefs and behaviors, Jane has dedicated her life to helping others become all that they can be. Through the passage of her own “dark night of the soul,” she gained valuable insights and courage, which she has combined with intense training and study to offer help for those who seek their Highest Good and the joy of a fulfilled life.

If you are ready to release your limiting beliefs, thoughts and behaviors and explore the possibilities of a joy- and love-filled life, live to the heights of your potential and utilize the power of the Universe to create the life of your dreams, then take the first steps into your new life.

The Empowerment Process

Science has now documented the relationships of the mind, body, emotions and actions. We know that what we think and believe – based on what we have learned through experiences – greatly impacts our health, well-being, success and relationships. And we know that happiness is a choice – not a set of circumstances, conditions or events. We are our own personal collection of memories – what we have seen, heard and experienced. Our perceptions of these memories become our reality. Resilience is our internal power to stand up to, overcome and move beyond whatever seemingly “bad” things appear in our lives. Sometimes, these memories block us from having what we want – reminding us about when things weren’t the way we wanted them to be. The residue of these memories – negative emotions, limiting decisions, limiting beliefs and conflicting values often block beneficial changes and behaviors.

Because these limiting thoughts and beliefs are held at a subconscious level, we move through life unaware of their power and impact. By changing the way we think – process our thoughts and emotions – we can literally change our lives. By eliminating the limiting thoughts and beliefs – I can’t, I’m not good enough, smart enough, thin enough, pretty enough, etc. – a whole new world of potential and possibilities open to us.

Developed in the 1970s by a group of renowned psychotherapists, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is based on the study of language, communication and personal change. Neuro refers to the brain and neural network that receives and stores signals that add up to information. Linguistic refers to the content, verbal and non-verbal, that moves across these neural pathways. Programming refers to the way in which the content or signals are manipulated to convert them to useful information. So, NLP is simply a process of identifying emotional experiences that are stored in our nervous system and then unlinking them from the resulting thoughts, emotions and behaviors. For example, certain songs elicit strong, specific reactions in each of us. The emotion – joy, sadness, fear, anger or anxiety – is linked to the experience we associate with the particular song. Likewise, a subconscious memory of an event and its resulting emotions can drive us to make poor choices, sabotage our own good or imprison us in self-imposed fear, guilt and unworthiness.

In many cases, it is very beneficial to discover the root experience (cause) of an emotion, thought or behavior and then disconnect them – breaking the automatic thought pattern.

A technique of NLP, Time Empowerment enables you to erase old behaviors, negative emotions and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. You can become a designer of life, rather than existing in a world of effects.

The Time Empowerment technique enables you to identify the origins of many life-limiting issues, including fear of abandonment, abuse, rejection or unworthiness, excessive weight, alcohol/drug abuse, isolation and even career self-sabotage. Once the root cause is identified and correlated with the limiting thoughts, emotions or behaviors, the link can be broken. The truth of the cause and effect can literally set you free.

Hypnosis can then be used to install new positive beliefs and behaviors.