Meet Jane

Jane Elizabeth Smith

A true American success story, Jane Elizabeth Smith was one of nine children raised on a farm and sent out to make her way in the world. Overcoming enormous obstacles, she worked her way through college and went on to build a nationally recognized financial services business. Always knowing that God had a special plan for her life, Jane recognized and embraced the possibilities of partnering with God to create the life of her dreams.

Today, she shares the sacred promise that has enabled her to create the life of her dreams and journey through her own “dark night of the soul.” Her message is life-changing: “If I can do this, so can you! And here are the Divine gifts that will guide and support you in creating the life of YOUR dreams. You are NOT alone.”

Jane Elizabeth received her bachelor of science degree in business from the University of Louisville ( Kentucky ). She is a certified master practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Empowerment™ and Hypnosis through the Association for Integrative Psychology.

Jane is a practitioner of Hawaiian Huna, which is ancient Hawaiian shamanism and spirituality. She is a student/initiate of the Halau ho’omanaloa on the Big Island, in Kona, Hawaii. Jane travels to Hawaii twice a year for intensive studies, initiations and teachings. This knowledge was kept secret and passed down through generations of Hawaiians. This wisdom is from the ancient times. It is no longer hidden and is available for those who wish to learn the ancient wisdom which once filled all cultures (Egypt, etc.) yet was lost as the world was conquered by the armies of man.

Jane Elizabeth was first introduced to Hawaiian Huna in 2006. Her training as a student/initiate incorporates thousands of hours in intensive participation and study at her school in Hawaii.

Jane Elizabeth’s voice is an Angelic vision of the planet’s peace that can be brought here in the earth through the awakening to your own Truth. These meditation CDs will open the doorways to your heart to light the flame of inner peace and awaken to love on a whole new level. Her voice and message will uplift, embrace and inspire your soul with love and a gentle knowing of the gift that you are here in this world and to give your Spirit wings to soar. As you purchase these CDs, you will truly receive the gifts of blessings in a variety of ways.

Blessings to each and every one of you.
~ Kathy Mae Miller

The very first time I heard Jane speak, she shared a true story from her life — a divine testimony. It was so authentic, profound and genuine, that tears rolled down from my eyes. Her share affected me deeply.
~ Forest Boone