Higher Consciousness Workshop

Hawaiian Huna

Higher Consciousness Workshop
Instruction and Initiation

Huna means secret, it is the Western name given to the healing and spiritual shamanism of ancient Hawaii.

These teachings which were once carefully guarded and secret are now available to those individuals who wish to expand their spiritual development by utilizing ancient, revered studies and initiations.

Huna is about empowerment, about increasing your spirituality, energy, and metaphysical healing powers. Huna enables expansion of your awareness and your connection to universal spirit. You will find that tapping into higher consciousness through Huna will awaken something inside you.

Through Huna, we access the highest form of Divine Feminine Energy available on the planet.

What you will learn in the Hawaiian Huna Higher Consciousness Workshop:

  • The ancient mystery of the Divine Feminine and her rightful place in humanity; and initiation and connection to her “right, sacred, serene flame.”
  • The seal of protection – The Cloak of Light – how to invoke this for yourself and others.
  • How to clear and bring calm to the energy of a person , place or situation;
  • Call forth and invoke Divine light into yourself, any person, place or situation;
  • A personal chakra cleansing; and instruction on doing this for others;
  • The ancient principals of alchemy – the code of manifestation (Hermes).