Hawaiian Huna

Hawaiian Huna

Hawaiian Huna means secret, it is the Western name given to the ancient healing and spiritual shamanism of ancient Hawaii.

welcomeThese teachings which were once carefully guarded and secret are now available to those individuals who wish to expand their spiritual development by utilizing ancient, revered studies and initiations.

Hawaiian Huna is about empowerment, about increasing your spirituality, energy, and metaphysical healing powers. Hawaiian Huna enables expansion of your awareness and your connection to universal spirit. You will find that tapping into higher consciousness through Hawaiian Huna will awaken something inside you.

Through Hawaiian Huna, we access the highest form of Divine Feminine Energy available on the planet.

Hawaiian Huna Higher Consciousness Teachings


  • The ancient mystery of the Divine Feminine and her rightful place in humanity; and initiation and connection to her “right, sacred, serene flame.”
  • The seal of protection – The Cloak of Light – how to invoke this for yourself and others.
  • How to clear and bring calm to the energy of a person , place or situation.
  • How to call forth and invoke Divine light into yourself, any person, place or situation.
  • A personal chakra cleansing; and instruction on doing this for others.
  • The ancient principals of alchemy – the code of manifestation (Hermes).

Ho’o ponopono: The ancient Hawaiians knew that forgiveness Honaunau_300 was the key to Aloha (the living energy of peace, love and beauty). There are many variations of this ancient practice as they were passed down through various lineages on the different islands.

Ho’o means “to make.”
Pono means “right.”

Ho’oponopono means “to make right, twice”…right with yourself and God; right with others.

The Bray lineage is studied in the Halau ho’omanaloa – my school. The technique I learned to conduct ho’o ponopono involves a process of deep forgiveness at the etheric level, and a release from the individual(s) at the etheric level. It also involves a “recovery” to my soul all personal energy which was bound up through attachment to others– emotional, spiritual, physical and mental – as maintained through the aka connection at the etheric level.

We are instructed to perform the deep discipline of our lineage’ version of ho’o ponopono every night. This disconnects us from all energy of every person and everything we were involved with during our day. It is like taking an etheric shower to clear away everything that isn’t yours! This way we remain clean and clear for connection to the higher realms.

Huna (secret) is a Hawaiian word adopted by Max Freedom Long (1890–1971) in 1936 to describe his theory of metaphysics which he linked to ancient Hawaiian kahuna (experts).

Hawaiian Huna emphasizes practical living and harmony with three levels of consciousness or selves. Long called these selves the unihipili (subconscious, inner, emotional, intuitive), uhane (waking consciousness, rational) and aumakua (super-conscious, connection with the Divine). Huna changes the Hawaiian concept of mana, (divine power), and views it as a vitalizing life force, which can, with knowledge of the three selves, be used to heal body and mind to achieve life goals.

JaneHunaJane is a practitioner of Hawaiian Huna, which is ancient Hawaiian shamanism and spirituality. She is a student/initiate of the Halau ho’omanaloa on the Big Island, in Kona, Hawaii. Jane travels to Hawaii twice a year for intensive studies, initiations and teachings. This knowledge was kept secret and passed down through generations of Hawaiians. This wisdom is from the ancient times. It is no longer hidden and is available for those who wish to learn the ancient wisdom which once filled all cultures (Egypt, etc.) yet was lost as the world was conquered by the armies of man.

Jane Elizabeth was first introduced to Hawaiian Huna in 2006. Her training as a student / initiate incorporates thousands of hours in intensive participation and study at her school in Hawaii.