The Gift of Valentine’s Day

The Gift of Valentine’s Day


Love. The most beautiful quality we possess in our humanity is the ability to love. Oftentimes we feel we need to receive love in order to be “in “ love. I have found the opposite to be true – only after seeking to receive love for decades!

Paradoxically, I have found I feel the most love and am “in” love when love is flowing through me and I am its vessel. Whether this love is in the form of feeding the animals, tending to Mother Nature’s home, being of help or service to another, writing a card, making a phone call, saying a prayer or planning a special gift or surprise for another, this is when I feel the most love.

Valentine’s Day offers us an opening in our thoughts and our hearts to ponder all of the love in our lives. This special day to focus on love offers us a gateway for its expression. We let others know they are loved and valued.

Why not make every day Valentine’s Day? When we focus on being of love and service it has an odd way of chasing us down.

As we remind ourselves daily to be a channel for love, we are activating its presence in the world.

Let love reign throughout the earth, for peace is her sister and joy her child.

Be love!

Jane Elizabeth

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